First of all, connect the Autopilot 1x or 4x to the computer using Veronte Link. Read the Veronte Link user manual to know more.

Once the autopilot has been connected, set it to maintenance mode. The easiest way to do it is opening 1x PDI Builder, selecting the device (1) and clicking on the status bar (2).


Setting maintenance mode


The error message below will pop up when trying to download log files if the autopilot is not properly set to maintenance mode:


Maintenance mode - Warning panel

To know more about maintenance mode, read 1x user manual -> Maintenance mode, which also explains other ways to set the autopilot to maintenance mode.

Graphical User Interface

Open Veronte FDR and a similar image to the following one will be displayed:


Veronte FDR - Sections

  1. Launch. Users can access Veronte Ops and Veronte Link by pressing this button.

    Read the Veronte Link manual or the Veronte Ops manual.

  2. Host. It allows connecting to the local IP address or to another desired IP address.

    To do it, click on Add new VLink Host and write the IP address.


    Host window

  3. Log files panel. As shown in the image, here all records of the log type selected in Type of logs panel are displayed in a list.

  4. Type of logs panel. Select a log type to display them.

    Select All to display all types of logs. To know more about logs, read 1x PDI Builder manual -> Telemetry.

  5. Autopilots panel. Autopilots can be connected, indicated with online ; or disconnected with offline .

    Select the autopilot to access its logs.

  6. Feedback. After clicking here, the following window will pop up:


    Users can report a problem they have encountered by creating an issue in their own ‘Joint Collaboration Framework’.

    In addition, clicking on snap will take a snapshot or vid will record a video, which can be added as explanatory information to the issue. When a snapshot or video is taken, it can be visualized in the Screenshot & Recording tab.


    Screenshot & Recording tab


    The user’s ‘Joint Collaboration Framework’ is simply a Github repository for each customer.

    In case of having any questions about this, please see Joint Collaboration Framework manual or contact sales@embention.com.

    Clicking on the Download button downloads a zipped folder with the data of the operation to easily identify the problem. It is advisable to attach this folder when creating the issue.

    Finally, by clicking on the Send button, a Github window will open in the browser with an issue. This issue is created in the repository indicated before with the title that has been defined.

    Find below an example of the creation of a feedback:


    Feedback example - Feedback menu


    Feedback example - Issue created in Github

  7. Light/dark mode. It changes the display mode of the interface.

  8. Terms and Conditions. Users can consult the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Log Files


Logs Interface

  1. Register. Each register has date and hour creation to be identified. They have two checks:

    • Local: logs located in computer.

    • Veronte: logs located in Autopilot 1x.

  2. Download. Selected log files can be downloaded as binary files clicking on bin or as csv clicking on csv.


    Download options

    The download progress is indicated by a progress bar below the window, where it can be canceled by pressing on cancel.


    Download progress bar


    If the connection with the autopilot is lost, an error may occur while downloading the files. In this case, the message below will pop up and the user must repeat the downloading process.


    Download - Error message

  3. Delete. Files located in the autopilot can be deleted clicking on ap. Those located in the computer can be deleted on local.


    Delete options


    The user must confirm these actions by accepting a confirmation panel. Panels below correspond to the confirmation of the local file deletion and the autopilot file deletion respectively:


    Delete - Warning Panels

  4. Selection boxes. They allow to select logs to download or edit them.