Quick Start

Veronte Autopilot 1x and 4x register automatically the desired information in register files, named as “log files”.


Fast logs are related to the same session. In addition, each fast log entry will be appended to the end of the previous one.

Veronte FDR is the application used to download the log files from Veronte autopilots.

These log files allow the user to create mission reports, that contain basic information (like mission duration, UAV ID, configuration name, date, etc.) and any relevant events, along with a timestamp.

This information can be configured reading the 1x PDI Builder manual -> Telemetry.

First Steps

To access Veronte FDR simply click on the following link: https://v612-fdr.embention.net/. Users can work with it from the browser or download it to the PC clicking on icon in the browser bar:


Veronte FDR in browser


Veronte FDR installed on PC

As it is a web application, updates will be done on their own and will appear in the changelog.