In case of any issue with software, read the Troubleshooting section of the 1x PDI Builder user manual.

Maintenance mode

Maintenance mode is the main troubleshooting tool that Veronte Autopilot 1x puts at the user disposal. While in maintenance mode, all communication channels are enabled by default, so it is possible to connect with Autopilot 1x through any of its configuration interfaces, no matter its current configuration.

The main use of maintanance mode is to solve issues related to the current configuration, mainly related with communication or memory writting issues.

While in maintenance mode, it is possible to perform actions such as force the load of a new configuration file or format the SD card.

If at some point the communication with Autopilot 1x is lost, it is possible to use maintenance mode to go back to a previous state of the configuration (as long as it was exported previously), format the SD card to start over or update the unit’s firmware.


It is heavily recommended to always use maintenance mode to load a new configuration that is very different from the current one.

How to enter in maintenance mode

There are two ways to enter in maintenance mode: using software or forcing it.

Using software to enter in maintenance mode

To enter in maintenance mode using software, read the Maintenance Mode - Troubleshooting section of the 1x PDI Builder user manual.

Forcing maintenance mode

There are two ways to force the maintenance mode: using power supply or using the I2C pins.

Using the power supply to force maintenance mode

When communication with the unit is lost, it is possible to active maintenance mode by power input.

In order to active maintenance mode, power cycle the Veronte Autopilot 1x repetively with periods of 700 ms (with a margin range between 380 and 965 ms). After 30 cycles, the autopilot will enter in maintenance mode.

Autopilot 1x might enter in maintenance mode if a problem with the power supply is detected upon boot up (voltage or current is out of range).


How to power cycle an autopilot

Using the I2C pins to enter in maintenance mode

To enter in maintenance mode with I2C, connect both I2C pins each other, then power up the Veronte Autopilot 1x. Both pins are I2C_CLK (number 31) and I2C_DATA (number 32) according to the pinout.

Half-duplex servo does not respond

Any servo with half duplex RS-485 should communicate with Autopilot 1x following the connection diagram:


Normal connection between 1x and servo

Sometimes this connection does not work, because the servo has not enough transmission power. In this case, a couple of 10 \(\Omega\) resistors may solve the problem. Both resistors have to be placed at the trasmission line of the Autopilot 1x.


Resistors connection between 1x and servo

If the couple of resistors does not solve the issue, the user should contact the support team (create a ticket in the customer’s Joint Collaboration Framework; for more information, see Tickets section of the JCF manual).