When defining a guidance system, we refer to a set of commands sent to the platform controller in order to make it carry out a certain task. This task could be follow a line, climb, land, hold one of its states at a certain value and so on.

In Veronte Pipe, it is possible to combine a series of guidances to create custom flight phases that will make the aircraft perform in a given way. For example, to create a Take Off phase, the guidances to be included could be a Runway, which defines a line over the runway to make the aircraft follow it, and a Hold that will keep the roll and pitch angle at zero to keep the aircraft level when it is accelerating on the runway.

Each Guidance contains a different set of parameters to be configured. All of them are presented as follows and its parameters are explained in detail.




Creates a linear path along the runway that is followed by the aircraft.


Vertical take-off and landing.


Makes the aircraft climb from the start of the phase to another altitude.


Introduces in the control system a desired variable with a value especified by the user.


Makes the aircraft follow a determined route created by the user.


Creates the route that the airplane will follow to land.


Indicates the behaviour of the platform in the yaw axis.

Note: in section Configurations there are some examples of how to combine these guidances to create phases for common platforms (Plane, Quadcopter, etc.).