Software Installation

There are two ways to establish connection to configure MEX: via Autopilot 1x or direct connection.

  • Direct MEX connection

    By default MEX can establish VCP communications over its SCI-A and SCI-B ports. Using any of these connection will be possible to connect it to a PC.


    Direct MEX connection

  • Via Autopilot 1x

    It is usual to have a MEX in a system that does not allow to directly connect to a PC. In that situation, it is possible to configure an Autopilot 1x that is connected over CAN with MEX. To establish a connection between an autopilot and MEX, please read integration examples section of the 1x PDI Builder manual.


    MEX connection through Veronte Autopilot

Once MEX is connected to a computer, read the MEX Software Manual to configure it.