Software applications

Once the Autopilot 1x has been connected to a computer, it is necessary to use Veronte Link to establish communication between both devices.

Veronte Link

Veronte Link establishes communication between a computer and Veronte Autopilot 1x by creating a VCP bridge. It allows to use multiple control stations and devices to be interconnected, operating simultaneously. Veronte Link also includes a post-flight viewer, to reproduce all recorded data from previous flights and generate plots and reports.

Read the user manual for Veronte Link to know more.

1x PDI Builder

1x PDI Builder is the main configuration tool to adapt a Veronte Autopilot 1x to a specific vehicle, including user-defined commnication protocols. 1x PDI Builder includes different configurations for Gimbal:

  • Gimbal block controls the movement of the camera, link to Gimbal block explanation in the Block Programs section of 1x PDI Builder user manual.

  • Cameras configuration has its own panel, link to Camera panel explanation in the Devices section of 1x PDI Builder user manual.

  • Gimbal actions (including events that trigger them) can be defined with the Command block, link to Command block action explanation in the Automations section of 1x PDI Builder user manual.

Veronte Ops

Veronte Ops is the application employed to operate and monitor the Autopilot 1x during missions. It is also used to operate Veronte Gimbal through Autopilot 1x, by configuring the Gimbal panel and Input widgets, such as:

In addition, the integration process for a Veronte Gimbal with Veronte Ops is explained in the Veronte Gimbal section of the Integration Examples in the Veronte Ops manual. Click here to read it.