• IR camera (only available for variant with this camera)

  • Visible HD camera with 10x optical zoom

  • Video processing with computer vision

  • Video Streaming via ethernet

  • Auto Stabilization


  • 10z DC: with visible light and IR camera.

  • 10z SC: only with visible light camera.

Camera Specifications

IR camera

  • Sensor

    • Thermal imaging detector: Uncooled VOx microbolometer

    • Pixel size: 12 μm

    • NEDT: <50mk

    • Thermal spectral range: longwave infrared (7.5 µm – 13.5 µm)

    • Scene temperature range: to 140 °C (high gain) to 500 °C (low gain)

  • Video output

    • Frame rate: 9 Hz

    • Resolution: 320 X 256

  • Digital zoom: 8 x

  • Integral solar protection

  • HFOV: 16°

  • Focal length: 13.8 mm

Visible light camera

  • Sensor

    • Type: 1/3-type CMOS (Progressive Scan)

    • Effective number of pixels: aprox. 4,080,000

  • Zoom

    • Optical zoom: 10 x

    • Zoom movement speed: 1.4 sec.

    • Horizontal viewing angle: 58.2 to 6.9 º

    • Minumum object distance: 100 to 800 mm

  • Resolution: 720p

  • Vibration compensation: clear images are obtained even with vibration, this feature is more appreciable at long range.

  • Defog: in adverse weather conditions, the image is retouched so that objects and people are identifiable.

  • Noise reduction: image noise (unwanted random variation of brightness or colour information) is reduced with a minimal reduction of image quality.

  • Privacy zone masking: configured image areas are excluded from monitoring.

  • Picture freeze.

  • Electronic flip: if a target moves underneath the camera the image will be upside. In this case, The Electronic flip detects the position of the camera and automatically flips the image to the correct orientation so that it will always appear the right-side-up.

  • Title display.

  • Wide dynamic range: it balances the light to produce clear images, capturing both the light and dark areas at the same time.

Electrical and mechanical Specifications



Power consumption

Average: 15 W. Maximum: 60 W

Humidity range

20 to 80 %

Temperature range

-5 to 55 ºC


With IR camera

1 kg

Without IR camera

0.9 kg