If you click in:

Preference - General - General Tool

General Tool

This menu allows the user to modify the general configuration for Veronte Pipe.

Preference - General - Software Setup

Software Setup

Where we will found:

  • UI Scale: UI Scale permits to set the interface scale for adapting the application screen to the screen size on the system.

Preference - General - UI Scale

UI Scale

  • Language: you can choose the language that you want.

Preference - General - Language


  • Update notification: the Notify update warnings checkbox allows the user to receive an alert when a new update has been released for Veronte.

Preference - General - Update Notification

Update Notification

  • Joysticks: this box shows you the joysticks that you have installed in your system.

Preference - General - Joysticks


  • Alert audioclips: Alert Audioclips are used to manage audio files used on the application. They can be associated with system alerts on the Workspace configuration. There are nine audio files plus the alert_audioclip.

    • To substitute an audio file for another one, the Change button displays a browser to select a mp3/wav file stored in the computer.

    • It is possible to return to the standard alert by clicking Default.

Preference - General - Alert Audioclips

Alert Audioclips

To configure the alerts on a certain scenario visit Gauge Display on Workspace section.