This menu is used to establish a telemetry communication between two autopilots. The autopilot being configured will “listen” the variables indicated in the window Enabled, from another autopilot whose address is indicated in Address. The sniffer is commonly used to make the aircraft listen the position of the ground station and the link quality.

Veronte Configuration - Sniffer Configuration Menu

Sniffer Configuration Menu

The source UAV, in this case, is the ground station (1085), which communicates to the Air UAV its position and the quality of the radio link between them. In Mapping Variables (Select Configure), the ones send by the ground UAV are indicated in the columm IN, and they are stored in the variables indicated in Out for its later use by the air autopilot.

The sniffer is configured so the air autopilot has information about the state of the communications so it can perform an action when the link is lost, and also to make the aerial platform know about the ground station position so it can perform a mission in relation to that point.

Veronte Configuration - Mapping Variables

Mapping Variables

The Veronte Unit that sends the data has to be configured as well, in the Telemetry Panel. That unit will send telemetry through a Data Link.