Integration examples

RS232/485 connection

This connection is recommended to establish with the computer while 1x is commanding via CAN to Veronte MC110 or Veronte MC24, since the USB connection between the PC and the 1x may be lost.

To connect Veronte Autopilot 1x with any bus RS-232 or RS-485, follow the diagrams below:


RS-232 connection


Transmitter pin (TX) of one device is connected to the receiver pin (RX) of the other one, and vice versa.


RS-485 connection


Output pin (OUT) of one device is connected to the input pin (IN) of the other one. Inverted signals (N) are connected each other; in the same way non-inverted signals (P) are linked each other.

For more information about 1x connections, read the Pinout section of this manual.