Manual Control Layouts

Veronte allows for a wide variety of pilot interface solutions in order to interact with manual flight modes, assisted flight modes (arcade) or payloads.


The following control solutions can be used independently, or in combination to create redundant systems, parallel channels (flight control + payload) or backup solutions.

PPM to Ground Unit

Standard setup. Allows the usage of a single radio channel both for stick, control commands and telemetry, minimizing any potential interferences.


Combined Radiolink

PPM to Air Unit

Allows for a backup manual channel in case there is a main channel loss and an emergency manual landing is needed. Recommended for initial developement stages where automatic landing phases are not defined yet.


Parallel radiolink


The USB to PPM solution allows for the integration of commercial flight station devices and remote controllers.


Veronte PPM to USB device is sold separately. Please contact for more information.



USB to Pipe

Allows the use of any device that is detected as a remote controller by the operative system


This setup is dependent on external hardware and software (PC) and any potential issue will also affect the availability of the stick. It is recommended to use this solution for non-critical systems only. For critical systems (i.e. flight control), use the USB to PPM option instead.


USB to Pipe

Virtual Stick

The Virtual stick feature allows to integrate as a stick controller any device that can interface with Veronte Ground or Air unit (RS232, RS485, ADC, CAN,…) and can provide control reference values.

While the configuration will be slightly more complex, this feauture allows using a wide variety of devices as flight control interfaces.