Operation Parameters

Operation parameters are configurable values, postitions and directions that can vary depending on the mission.

Examples of operation parameters can be:

  • Mission duration

  • Cruise speed

  • Flight level

  • Takeoff and landing direction

  • Home point

  • Start of route

The main advantage of Operation parameters is that there is no need to access Veronte configuration in order to change them. This way, the Operator is able to modify certain parameters without the need of having access to the whole configuration.

Defined operation parameters will be saved into Veronte configuration, and will be kept even if the system is rebooted.

Operation Parameters Example

Operation Parameters Example

How to use operation parameters

Operation parameters are created whenever one of the following actions is performed while building a Veronte configuration:

  • An Operation Guidance or User direction variable is used at any point within the configuration (e.g. in control clicking logo-ajustes on or in Blocks menu)

  • A Waypoint on the map is given a ‘Name’.

  • A specific Waypoint is assigned to the Guidance of one of the Phases.

Whenever one of the above cases is true, a new field will appear in the Operations menu.

The Operations menu for each unit can be accessed from its respective dropdown list on the top-right corner of the screen:

Operation menu

Operation Menu

After that, the values for these parameters can be defined using this menu. Remember that, in order to apply the new parameters, it is necessary to save save-icon the configuration.

If any of these parameters is not defined at any moment, the user will receive an Operation Incomplete warning message. Clicking this message will also open the Operation menu.

Parameter not defined warning

Parameter not defined warning


Although it is possible to modify Operation Parameters during the flight, this practice is not recommended.

Whenever changing values during an operation, make sure that no potential risk to flight safety is involved.


Lets say it is required to define Flight path angles for the different Landing segments from the Operation menu. The First step should be going to the Landing Phase Guidance, and define these parameters as Operation Guidance variables.

Example - Step 1

Example - Step 1

Now, the selected values will appear on the Operation menu.

Example - Step 2

Example - Step 2

Operation Guidance variables can be directly renamed from the Operation Menu.

Example - Step 3

Example - Step 3

Finally, giving values to each of the parameters and saving save-icon will apply the changes.

Example - Step 4

Example - Step 4