Maintenance mode

Maintenance mode is the main troubleshooting tool that Veronte puts at the user disposal. While in maintenance mode, all communication channels are enabled by default, so it is possible to connect to SCI, no matter its current configuration.

The main use of maintanance mode is to solve issues related to the current configuration, mainly related with communication or memory writting issues.

While in maintenance mode, it is possible to perform actions such as force the load of a new configuration file .

If a mistake was made when building the configuration and the communication with the device has been lost, it is possible to force the device to boot into maintenance mode in order to modify its configuration.


It is heavily recommended to always use maintenance mode to load a new configuration that is very different from the current one.

How to enter in maintenance mode

There are two ways to enter in maintenance mode: using software or forcing it.

Using software to enter in maintenance mode

To enter in maintenance mode using software, read SCI PDI Builder user manual -> Maintenance Mode.

Forcing maintenance mode

To force Maintenance mode, create a loopback on both GPIO interfaces (connect pins 4 & 5 on both sides). When powered, Smart CAN Isolator will boot in maintenance mode.


The baudrate I am using is different from the ones used in Maintenance mode. How do I program my Smart CAN Isolator?

In this case, a separate setup will be needed. Create a setup that allows to force maintenance mode and uses the right baudrate. Then, load into Smart CAN Isolator the required configuration. Finally, once the configuration is loaded, install it in the original setup.

I am not able to communicate with SMART CAN Isolator

This can be due to several reasons:

  • A wrong configuration was loaded, which disabled the configuration settings.

  • An incorrect CAN baudrate is being used.

The first step should be forcing maintenance mode.

Once that is done, the baudrates will be known and the communication will be enabled.

Now in maintenance mode, the current configuration can be checked, or a new one can be loaded.

My Smart CAN Isolator starts in maintenance mode

This usually indicates that a problem was detected during the booting.

First of all, verify that you are not in maintenance mode.

Once that is done, verify that the wiring is correct and load a default configuration.

If the problem persists, please contact