Smart CAN Isolator


Smart CAN Isolator OEM

Smart CAN Isolator is a high reliability CAN bus isolator designed for its use in critical applications where isolation, repetition or fail-safe is required. It offers a high voltage galvanic isolation up to 3000-Vrms. Due to the isolation, ground loops are eliminated, providing higher reliability in the communication, avoiding current recirculation in the ground paths.

The system has a built-in microcontroller which runs real-time supervision of the CAN bus and, in case of an anomaly or malfunction, disconnects the system, releasing the bus. This feature is very useful in critical applications where the malfunction of a device may hang the CAN bus with the consequence that all devices connected to it will stop working. In those cases, the microcontroller will detect the anomaly and prevent the failure of the whole bus. Redundancy and isolation in the system power supply make the system robust against single point of failure.

Smart CAN Isolator can handle speeds up to 1Mbps. Due to the built-in real-time microcontroller, this product can also be configured as a filter, allowing only specific messages to reach the other side of the bus.