Smart CAN Isolator is offered with two versions: Smart CAN Isolator and Smart CAN Isolator OEM. Smart CAN Isolator is protected by an enclosure made of ABS polymer. The OEM version is smaller, lighter and has better heat dissipation; but requires mechanical protection when installed.


Smart CAN Isolator


Smart CAN Isolator OEM

Block Diagram

The following block diagram summarizes the functionality of the system and gives an overview of the redundant power supply scheme.


Smart CAN Isolator Block Diagram

Mechanical Specifications

Smart CAN Isolator is provided using an ABS polymer enclosure with IP 67 protection. The approximate total weight without cable harness is around 50g without clamps and 66g with 2 clamps.

Inside the Smart CAN Isolator there are not included any navigation sensors, this implies that there are no constraints regarding vibration isolation, location or orientation of the Smart CAN Isolator.

The following figures show the dimensions of the device.


Smart CAN Isolator Dimensions


Smart CAN Isolator Dimensions Without Enclosure

Electrical Specifications

  • Double, redundant, power supply inputs.

  • Input voltage range Domain A: 6V to 28V - Maximum power consumption Domain A: 2.5 W

  • Input voltage range Domain B: 6V to 28V - Maximum power consumption Domain B: 2.5 W

  • Temperature range: -40ºC to 85ºC

  • Isolation barrier: 3000Vrms

  • All inputs are ESD protected

  • CAN bus speed up to: 1Mbps

    • Compatible with ISO 11898

  • Digital isolated Input/Output (GPIO)

    • Voltage is 3.3V

    • Current I (oh) = 1.6mA and I (ol) = -1.6mA


Smart CAN Isolator has two electric male connectors, which require two female connectors. These required connectors are provided by Embention, but sold separately. They have P001636 as Embention reference and Harting 21033192801 as commercial reference.