To calibrate the magnetometer, follow the steps:

1. Connect MEX to a computer

To establish that connection, use the Veronte Link application acording to its user manual.

2. Create a tunnel communication

  1. Open MEX PDI Builder and select the connected MEX on the marked button.


MEX PDI Builder

  1. Click on Open MEX \(\Rightarrow\) USB menu \(\Rightarrow\) I/O Setup panel, then connect a custom message producer with a tunnel consumer. For more information on custom messages and tunnelling, please refer to the I/O Setup section of the MEX PDI Builder user manual.


I/O Setup - Configuration

  1. Click on the gears button of the producer to configure it and then on plus to add a message. It must be configured with the following parameters:

  • Endianness: Mixed endian

  • Period: 0.25 s

  • Delay: 0 s


Producer Custom Message - Settings

  1. Then, click on edit to add the necessary fields to this message. The structure and variables of the message must be the following:

    • Internal LIS3MDL Magnetometer Raw X in SI, Internal LIS3MDL Magnetometer Raw Y in SI and Internal LIS3MDL Magnetometer Raw Z in SI:

      • Variable: Internal LIS3MDL Magnetometer Raw X in SI / Internal LIS3MDL Magnetometer Raw Y in SI / Internal LIS3MDL Magnetometer Raw Z in SI

      • Compression: Uncompress

      • Encode/Decode: 1

    • Sensor-Internal Magnetometer (LIS3MDL):

      • Variable: Sensor-Internal Magnetometer (LIS3MDL)

      • Compression: Uncompress

    • CRC (crc16veronte):

      • Type: Polynomial

      • Endianness: Little endian

      • Crc-Preset: crc16veronte

      • BackFrom: 12

      • BackTo: 0

      • Binary mode


Producer Custom Message - Configuration

  1. The tunnel consumer requires the following configuration:

    • Veronte ID: App 2

    • Parser: No protocol

    • Destination tunnel: Tunnel producer 1

    • Time between messages: 0.1 s

    • Bytes to send: 15 bytes


Consumer Tunnel - Configuration

  1. Finally click on save to save the configuration in MEX.


For further information about MEX PDI Builder, please visit the MEX PDI Builder User Manual.