Quick Start

This document describes the main functionalities of the MC24 Speed Controller.


When installing the MC24 speed controller in the vehicle, the following limitations shall be considered:

  • The distance between the battery, the controller system and the motor should be as short as possible in order to maximize the efficiency. It is preferable to place the controller system as close to the battery as possible and extend the cables from the controller to the motor. Calibration will be needed depending on the final setup.

  • The wire connections type between the power items must be crimped not soldered.

  • The system must be placed in a ventilated place with proper air flow. If this is not possible, it is necessary to install an external fan.

  • The vehicle must have an inrush current limiter when powering MC24 for the first time.

  • PID tuning is strongly not recommended, since it nullifies the warranty.

  • An unappropriated use of the MC24 exempts Embention from responsabilities related to any damage.

  • Embention shall have no responsibility, obligation or liability in any manner for and in respect of any inappropriate use by the client, such as (including but not limited to) not implementing sufficient cooling airflow, applying according to the indications given by Embention.


When working voltage is higher than 60 V, use of insulating gloves are mandatory for installation and the system must have a chassis fault detection system.


logo_alert Careful! The system slowly discharges the voltage on the input terminals when the battery is disconnected. Capacitors may remain charged unless enough time has passed.


Cooling Airflow

To dissipate the heat from the MC24 properly, it is required to provide 16 m/s of air speed through the heatsink.


Airflow dissipation