• IR camera (only available for variant with this camera)

  • Visible HD camera with 30x optical zoom

  • Video processing with computer vision

  • Video Streaming via ethernet

  • Long distance detection

  • Auto Stabilization


  • 30z DC: with visible light and IR camera.

  • 30z SC: only with visible light camera.

Camera Specifications

IR camera

  • Sensor

    • Thermal imaging detector: Uncooled VOx microbolometer

    • Pixel size: 12 μm

  • Video output

    • Frame rate: 9 Hz

    • Resolution: 640 x 512

  • Digital zoom: 8 x

  • Thermal spectral range: longwave infrared (8 µm – 14 µm)

  • Scene temperature range: to 140 °C (high gain) to 500 °C (low gain)

  • Integral solar protection

Visible light camera

  • Sensor

    • Type: 1/2.8-type 2M STARVISTM

    • 2.13 Megapixels

  • Zoom

    • Optical zoom: 30 x

    • Digital zoom: 12 x (360 x combined with optical zoom)

    • Zoom movement time: 1.4 sec.

    • HFOV angle: 63.7º

  • Resolution: 720p

  • Defog: in adverse weather conditions, the image is retouched so that objects and people are identifiable.

  • High light compensation: it compensates the brighter parts of pictures, preserving details that would otherwise be blown out.

  • Wide dynamic range: it balances the light to produce clear images, capturing both the light and dark areas at the same time.

  • Image stabilizer: it reduces blur caused by the camera movement.

  • Auto IR-cut filter removal: shutter that blocks light in the IR spectrum to enable true color reproduction.

  • Spherical privacy zone masking: configured image areas are excluded from monitoring.

  • Noise reduction: image noise (unwanted random variation of brightness or colour information) is reduced with a minimal reduction of image quality.

Electrical and mechanical Specifications



Power consumption

Average: 20 W. Maximum: 70 W

Humidity range

20 to 80 %

Temperature range

-5 to 55 ºC


With IR camera

1.6 kg

Without IR camera

1.5 kg