In order to update 4x Arbiter:

1. Open Veronte Link

Make sure to close first any Veronte Pipe instances.

2. Connect 4x Arbiter to the PC

Connect it using the provided 4x Arbiter Harness (Yellow connector) plus the 232 to USB converter. Make sure that 4x Veronte is correctly powered and that the COM Port is detected.

3. Identify the COM Port and add it to Veronte Link


Veronte Link - Add COM

4. Open 4xVeronte PDI Builder and connect to the Arbiter


4xVeronte PDI Builder - Vinculate 4x

The ID for 4x Arbiter is its corresponding 4xVeronte S/N + 50000


4xVeronte PDI Builder - Connect to Veronte 4x1118

5. Select Update 4xVeronte and load the new firmware version

../../_images/update4.PNG ../../_images/update5.PNG

Update 4x Veronte Arbiter

Updating 4xArbiter from Firmware version older than 6.0.0

After an update from a version older than 6.0.0, the Arbiter PDI files will be empty.

Once the update is finished, it is necessary to, at least, load a set of Default PDI Files.