An instance of the selected device is already opened

If the user tries to reopen the initial menu by clicking on Open Menu when it is already opened, the following warning panel will pop up:


Warning: Menu is already opened

Configuration Override

1x PDI Calibration works with a snapshot of the current Autopilot 1x configuration (taken when the user clicks Open Menu in the first panel). This implies that, if the calibration configurables are modified from another tool while using 1x PDI Calibration, these changes would be applied on the Autopilot 1x but disregarded in the snapshot. Consequently, those modifications would be overwritten when trying to save the calibration in 1x PDI Calibration. The user should ensure there is no data loss to continue and accept the confirmation panel below.


Confirmation: Configuration Override

Error entering Maintenance Mode

An error may occur while the Autopilot 1x is entering Maintenance Mode for saving changes in its configuration. The user must simply accept the following informative panel and repeat the desired process.


Warning: Mode error

Magnetometer wrong calibration

Users often have problems when working with magnetometers. Please check the following:

  • The magnetometer has been correctly calibrated. For more information about its calibration, please refer to the Magnetometer section of this manual.

  • The rotation matrix of the magnetometer is not a zero matrix and is set respecting the orthogonality of the axes. Consult the Magnetometer - Sensors in the Configuration section of the 1x PDI Builder user manual.

  • The ‘ok’ output of the Misalignment block is true, i.e. the measurement has passed the module checks. Check Misalignment - Navigation blocks in the Block Programs section of the 1x PDI Builder user manual.

  • Yaw measurement does not drift after a turn, i.e. the yaw remains static at one value after a turn. Drifting will mean a wrong calibration.

    The following graph illustrates this behavior:


    Yaw behavior graph

In addition, it is also a useful check to compare the magnetometer measurement with another instrument (i.e. a mobile phone) pointing at different points.


90º rotations are recommended. A deviation of \(\pm 6º\) is acceptable.

MEX magnetometer calibration unable to start

When using MEX as Magnetometer Honeywell HMR2300, if the calibration process of the magnetometer has been started, but the calibration status bar does not indicate any progress, the configuration of the sensor may be invalid.

To solve this problem:

  1. Open MEX PDI Builder.


    Consult the MEX PDI Builder manual for more details on how to proceed.

  2. Go to Sensors menu \(\rightarrow\) Magnetometer tab.

  3. Ensure that the Magnetometer rotation matrix is not a zero matrix and respects the orthogonality of the axes.


    MEX PDI Builder - Invalid magnetometer rotation matrix

Tunnel Console does not appear

The Terminal Manager tab allows the user to access a Tunnel Console.

In order to access this Tunnel Console, certain requirements must be met:

  1. Veronte must be plugged over USB and in Initial (INI) phase.

  2. Veronte I/O Setup must be configured beforehand.

If these requisites have been fulfilled and the console will not pop up, the problem may be in the 1x PDI Builder Telemetry configuration. The variable Phase Identifier must be enabled in at least one Telemetry vector.


1x PDI Builder: Telemetry

For further information, please refer to Telemetry - Telemetry section of the 1x PDI Builder user manual.