Quick Start

1x PDI Builder is the main configuration tool to adapt a Veronte Autopilot 1x to a specific vehicle, including user-defined commnication protocols. 1x PDI Builder includes:

  • Telemetry: real-time onboard UAV metrics, such as sensors, actuators and control states.

  • Configuration: edit vehicle settings, such as servo trim, interface/port management and modes.

  • Automations: actions that are automatically executed when a set of configured conditions are accomplished.

  • Block Programs: Veronte Autopilot 1x can be programmed (control laws) with a friendly-user programming language.

Once 1x autopilot has been detected on Veronte Link, install 1x PDI Builder.


Once the Veronte Autopilot 1x has been purchased, a GitHub release should be created for the customer with the application.

To access to the release and download the software, read the Releases section of the Joint Collaboration Framework manual.


To install 1x PDI Builder on Windows just execute “1xPDIBuilder.exe” and follow the indications.

  1. Click on Next:


Windows Installation Step 1

  1. Select the desired directory where the software will be installed and click on next.


Windows Installation Step 2

  1. Finally, click on Install (administrator rights are needed):


Windows Installation Step 3


If users have any problems with the installation, please disable the antivirus and the Windows firewall. Disabling the antivirus depends on the antivirus software. To disable the firewall, go to “Control Panel” \(\rightarrow\) “System and Security” \(\rightarrow\) “Windows Defender Firewall” and then, click on “Turn windows Defender Firewall on or off”.


Windows Defender Firewall