This action is used to configure a hover/loiter route (depending if it is a multicopter or an airplane) for the platform. Besides, there exists an option to follow a moving object.

Veronte Configuration - Action – Track

Action – Track

There are our different options for the Track action, selecting Disabled no action will have effect on the guidance. The others are explained below.


The aircraft will loiter/hover in a selected point.

  • Selecting Current will make the platform to hover over the position that the vehicle has when this action is triggered, or loiter around that point in a circular route with a radius indicated in Distance.

  • It is also possible to select the direction of the loiter (Auto, Clockwise and Anticlockwise).

  • On the other hand, the box (Longitude, Latitude) in the figure allows the user to select the point where the hover/loiter will be performed.

Follow Leader

The platform (Multicopter) will follow an moving object.

Veronte Configuration - Follow Leader

Follow Leader

  • Leader: here is selected the moving object i.e, the object to follow.

  • Distance to leader: distance to leader over trajectory.

  • Distance between points: leader route is generated by points separated by the distance specified here.

  • Offset: user can establish offset parameters related to trajectory in Body or NED coordinates.

To configure correctly this automation, user has to follow the next steps:

  • Configure Telemetry Air and Ground.

  • Configure the automation as desired.