Veronte Configuration


In this section, it is explained how to configure Veronte Units using Veronte Pipe. Each feature available is described in detail in following sub-sections.

Firstly, the user will find how to manage configuration files: import, export, update, etc. Later, this manual will focus on the setup toolbar, this allows the user to change the main settings of the Veronte Units according to the aircraft (Control Loops, Installation, etc.) and mission (Phases, Guidance, etc.) to perform.

Finally, the manual explains how to check Veronte’s license, where the user can see the license ID and its status.

Side Panel Options

The Side Panel allows the user to manage Veronte Units and Configuration files. In this panel each item is displayed, when an autopilot is connected it will appear automatically. The following image shows both items and the options available.

Veronte Configuration - Side Panel Options

Side Panel Options

The next table gives a brief overview of each option.




Displays the setup toolbar


Displays the operation toolbar

Set Operation

Choose one operation to be loaded


Export configuration on Veronte to disk in .ver or PDI files


Import a configuration from disk


Displays information on Veronte SN, License and Status (only available for connected Veronte configurations)


Hardware in the loop simulation


Update Veronte Unit and Reboot it