Basic Package


Basic package files

The basic SIL package consists of the followings files:
  • gps_time.m: a matlab function which calculates the GPS/GNSS number of weeks.

  • import_post_flight: a matlab script for loading an external source of inertial data (IMU). It reads this information from a csv file.

  • mex_function_example.slx: simulink file. It includes a little example about how using veronte autopilot with sensor readings.

  • Mex.m: matlab script for compiling veronte code.

  • reset_SIL: script which must be executed before running a simulation.

  • Veronte_SD_image.img: contains the autopilot configuration information.

  • Veronte_SIL.mexw64 : mex file. It consists of all the embedded veronte code compiled. It works as a black box. Like Veronte, each mex file has a version. In order to ask for a newer version, contact with sales team at