Quick Start

First Steps


Charging capacity


Charging time





15 minutes before the battery is finished, the led starts to blink.

The integrated battery can be used with no power connections, allowing the system to be connected and disconnected from the battery charger during the operation without turning off the system. In order to charge the battery, follow the next steps:

  • Ensure the power source is properly connected.

  • Turn on the system (press Power button) and keep Windows On to check the state of the battery on the bottom right of the bottom screen.

  • If you turn off Windows but keep the Power Button On, batteries will keep charging.

How to operate

Veronte MCS is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use system. The main steps to operate it are the following ones:

  • Set your MCS in a firm, stable and dry surface, and proceed opening it.

  • Connect the required wires: Power Source, Ethernet, USB…

  • Turn On the system by pressing the Power Button.

  • Connect (if needed) any wireless communication.

  • Open “Veronte Pipe” app with which to operate the Veronte system. This is located on the main desktop

Veronte MCS is provided with tactile screens and Bluetooth trackpad keyboard. However, if a different mouse or keyboard is needed, they can be connected through the 3 ports USB provided.

Integrated computer has installed Windows, which allows the user to install any personalized application in order to be used together with Veronte Software (Veronte Pipe).


MCS on and with battery

fixed light

MCS on with low baterry

fast blinking light

MCS charging

slow blinking light

MCS with full battery

slow blinking to fixed light


  • Veronte MCS is designed according to IP67 for the system to be closed. However, it losses its resistance to water once it is opened.

  • Do not use chemical cleaners for the maintenance of the product; a wet cloth is enough for cleaning purposes.

  • Do not cover the fans or its protection, in order to ensure the correct cooling of the system. Ensure no object is obstructing the fans before powering them on, otherwise the system could be damaged.

  • Avoid any damage during transportation or operation, since some of the components could be affected.

  • Do not close the briefcase with any connection still wired. All removable elements must be disconnected from the system in order to avoid any future damages on screens and connectors. Ensure this is not happening accidentally in situations where strong winds are taking place or in movable platforms.

  • Be careful when installing external applications into the computer, since they could contain any virus or slow down the system, which will strongly affect safety during operations with Veronte system.

  • For battery charge / power input, it is strongly recommended to use the provided MCS charger. The use of external devices and the results from it are not cover by Embention.

  • For a complete disconnection, ONLY AFTER turning off Windows, you can press the Power Button again.