Basic features - Multimedia Control Station

Multimedia Control Station

Veronte is the components division from Embention, which has developed the control station MCS for high performance operations. This portable control station gives the operator a ready-to-use system which can be run outdoor with Veronte control systems.

Veronte MCS is ready to be used with Autopilot Veronte and Veronte Pipe systems. Please, refer to their respective manuals for the proper use of them and more information.


Veronte MCS is the main control station in use for Veronte system operations. This system is available with a standard configuration which fits all operational requirements for each application. The main applications that can be develop with this system are:

  • Search and rescue.

  • Mapping and photogrammetry.

  • Surveillance.

  • Environmental control and research.

  • Firefighting.

  • Military forces.

Changing the aircraft to manual control can be done in any time during the operation. Joystick control allows the use of different flying modes as manual, arcade or completely personalized.