To start using HIL Simulator, follow the next steps:

  • 1. Connect the autopilot to a computer.

    Use Veronte Link to stablish the connection, read the user manual for more information.


    Open Veronte Link

  • 2. Open HIL Simulator.

    The following window will pop up for a second.


    If the autopilot is properly connected, then the window will change as follows.



    HIL Simulator will run minimized in the Windows taskbar:

  • 3. Choose a simulator.

    Click on plane to choose one.


    Then, HIL Simulator will be ready to start.


    The following video summarizes steps 2 and 3:


    Open HIL simulator and choose simulator

  • 4. Configure the simulator (optional).

    Default configuration parameters are recommended. To change them, click on gear.


    These four parameters must have the same value for the simulator. They are configured for X-Plane 11 in X-Plane Settings. Frequency (Hz) of Hil Simulator corresponds to UDP Rate (packets per second) of X-Plane, since the autopilot sends and receives data at this frequency.

After following the previous steps, read X-Plane 11 section to simulate the connected autopilot.