Quick Start

This document describes how to install and use the CEX, including its technical specifications.

System Layout

The following image shows the standard CEX system layout for operation:


CEX standard layout


  • Disassembling, improper installations or bad connections may invalidate the warranty. Please contact Technical Support if you suspect a faulty or defective component.

  • CEX will always produce heat as a by-product of its operation. Keep in mind an adequate heat dissipation on installation.

  • RS-485 has internal termination resistor.

  • I2C is equiped with 4.7K internal pull-ups.

  • Pins 1 and 2 (see Pinout) can be powered by 2 power supplies with different voltages as they are independent. Although they do have to share the Ground.

  • Not to exceed the values of any of the Electrical specifications.

  • CEX does not integrate a termination resistance in order to allow the connection of multiple CEX or other CAN Bus devices to the same line. To do this, visit section CAN assembly of this manual.


  • Veronte Link (v6.8.X or higher).

  • CEX firmware version/CEX PDI Builder (v6.8.X or higher).

  • Veronte Autopilot firmware (v6.4.X or higher).

  • Veronte Updater (v6.8.X or higher).