Veronte Updater

Veronte Updater is the application used to update software version of Embention devices, being Veronte Autopilot 1x most of the times.

Software installation

Once a Veronte device is delivered, a shared folder between the Customer and Embention is automatically created. The user will receive an email from the Support Team containing the information needed to access. If the email is not received within 72h, please contact with and our Support Team will be happy to help you.


FTP access


FTP folder

The shared folder contains the last version of Veronte Updater. To install Veronte Link on Windows, execute Veronte Updater.exe and follow the Setup Wizard instructions.


In case of any issue during installation, please disable Windows Defender and Firewall. To disable Firewall, go to “Control Panel” and “Firewall of windows”, then click on “Turn off”.


Windows Firewall Menu


Turn Off Firewall

How to use Veronte Updater

The most frequent device that is updated is Veronte Autopilot 1x, so the following images use this device as example. However, the rest of devices require the same procedure.

Steps marked with “*” are not required if the upgrade version does not change the first two numbers (major and minor). For example, they are not required from 6.8.12 to 6.8.26 but they are necessary from 6.4.2 to 6.8.12.

1- Connect the device (desired to update) to a computer with Veronte Link. Then open Veronte Updater and select the connected device on the marked zone:


Choosing connected device

2- Load the .update file. There are two ways to do it: dragging into the Drag area or using the Select button. With the last option the following browser will allow to select the .update file.


Loading file with Select

3- Once the update is loaded, click on Update to send the configuracion to the device.


4*- If the device is an Autopilot 1x with 8 GB and the previous software version is 6.4 or lower, the following window will pop up. If the autopilot is intended to be simulated, this warning can be ignored. Nonetheless, if the autopilot will be used for real flights, send it to Embention, so we can updrage the SD card.


5*- Then, the following message will be displayed, since updating a device will format it and a backup is the only way to recover previous configuration. This file configuration will be required later.


6*- Choose the folder where the backup will be stored as a .ver file.


7- The update process will start, the following windows will show the progress.


8- When it is finished, click on Done.


9*- Finally, upload the .ver file obtained from step 6. Use the PDI Builder for the updated device. In case of Autopilot 1x, the app employed is 1x PDI Builder. Open the app and click on Upload PDI.


While updating, the device has been formatted. Hence, it has not configuration and Veronte Link will show the connection with Loaded with errors.


10*- Open the .ver file.