Quick Start

First steps

To connect the MC110 to a PC, use the RS-232 or RS-485 port. If the computer has not a serial port, a RS-232 or RS-485 to USB converter can be employed. The serial pins are explained in the Pinout section.


When installing the MC110 speed controller in the vehicle, the following limitations shall be considered:

  • The distance between the battery, the controller system and the motor should be as short as possible in order to maximize the efficiency. It is preferable to place the controller system as close to the battery as possible and extend the cables from the controller to the motor. Calibration will be needed depending on the final setup.

  • Wire connections between power devices must be crimped not soldered.

  • The cold plate is integrated with the MC110, but it requires the rest of refrigeration elements. To know how to choose them, read the Cooling Circuit Sizing section.

  • PID tuning is strongly not recommended, since it nullifies the warranty.

  • An unappropriated use of the MC110 exempts Embention from responsabilities related to any damage.

  • Embention shall have no responsibility, obligation or liability in any manner for and in respect of any inappropriate use by the client, such as (including but not limited to) not implementing an appropiate cooling circuit, applying according to the indications given by Embention.


A cooling circuit is required to refrigerate the MC110, since the cold plate is integrated, but not the rest of elements.