SCI Software Manual


First of all, Veronte Link is required to connect a SCI to a computer. Then, it can be configured with CAN Isolator PDI Builder.


Select your version before reading any user manual for software. The following image shows where to select a version from any Embention user manual.


Software applications

Veronte Link

Veronte Link stablishes communication between a computer and any Veronte product by creating a VCP bridge. It allows to use multiple control stations and devices to be interconnected, operating simultaneously. Veronte Link also includes a post-flight viewer, to reproduce all recorded data from previous flights and generate plots and reports.

Read the user manual for Veronte Link for more information.

CAN Isolator PDI Builder

CAN Isolator PDI Builder is the main configuration tool to adapt a SCI to a specific vehicle, including user-defined communication protocols.

Read the user manual for CAN Isolator PDI Builder for more details.