Mission configuration

Mission toolbar

The mission toolbar provides the graphical tools to create the path that the aircraft follows while it is in cruise phase. The created mission is stored in the VER file of the configuration.

Veronte Setup dialogue can be opened in the main menu clicking on logo0 (upper left corner of the screen) and selecting Mission in the pull-down menu.

Mission configuration - Mission Toolbar

Mission toolbar

The elements that appear on the toolbar are detailed in the following table.

logo1 Open Detail Displays Terrain and Marks configuration
logo2 Colours Line colour
logo3 New Waypoint Add new waypoint on click position
logo4 Segment Add a straight line
logo5 New Orbit Add a orbit
logo6 Fly By Tool to adapt turns in multirotor aircrafts
logo7 Multiple Choice It is a selection tool
logo8 Event Mark Add a mark to trigger an event
logo9 Obstacle Add an obstacle where the plane will not cross
logo10 New Polygon Draw areas on the map for association with polygon events
logo11 Circular Area Draw circular areas on the map for association with polygon events
logo12 References Create points of reference
logo13 Mapping Draw a polygon for mapping applications.
logo14 Import Route Import route configuration
logo15 KML Download a .kml file with the route created.
logo16 Google Hearth Open Google Earth and show the route that user has drawn
logo17 Ruler Measure on map

How each one of the tools shown in the previous table works will be detailed in the section Mission Tools.