Software applications

CEX PDI Builder

CEX PDI Builder is the main configuration tool to adapt a CEX to be suitable for a specific system, being its main goal to expand the available communication protocols. CEX PDI Builder includes:

  • Communications: Through general purpose CAN bus, inputs and outputs and PWMs.

  • Stick control signal management: Compatible with Stick Expander, Futaba, Jeti, FrSky and TBS. It includes custom configuration for other sticks.

  • Arbitration: CEX is able to send PWM signals using arbitration in the same way Veronte Autopilot 4x does.

Read the user manual for CEX PDI Builder for more details.


By default, CEX has not any configuration. In consequence, CEX will be in maintenance mode and Veronte Link will show the Loaded with Error status. Nonetheless, it is possible to load a new configuration with CEX PDI Builder; since the maintenance mode allows to connect a computer and load any configuration, with any connection (USB, RS-232, RS-485 or CAN).