communications Communications


Ports configuration allows the user to configure which communication ports (Commgr Ports in I/O Setup) will be used for communication. When using the Route feature, CEX can be configured to route VCP messages for an external Veronte device with a known address (ID) through a given port.


Ports menu

Each port can be configured as either one of the following options:

  • Forward: Any messages generated by this unit (i.e. Telemetry or response messages to certain commands) will be sent through these ports.

  • Route: Any messages received at any Commgr Port with the defined address will be re-sent through the defined port. It is possible to route several addresses through the same port, but is not possible to route the same address through several ports. Only the first configured port will be used. Routing also applies to messages generated by the unit for the defined address.


The same port cannot be used as Forward and Route at the same time.

It is possible to define up to 4 routing setups, which can be switched unsing the Ports action of the Automations menu of 1x PDI Builder. Routing 0 will always be selected by default when booting CEX.