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Mission tools - Import Route Symbol

Import Route Tool

Veronte Pipe has integrated the possibility to import routes from an external source software in NMEA RTE/WPL format, that is Route (RTE) or Waypoint (WPL) format.

NMEA is a communication standard developed by the National Marine Electronics Association. For example, GPS receiver communication is defined within this specification. Most computer programs that provide real time position information understand and expect data to be in NMEA format. NMEA handles different standard format data sentences for multiple purposes including Routes definitions and waypoints positioning.

If you click in:

Mission tools - NMEA Protocol

Import NMEA Protocol

The next window will appear:

Mission tools - NMEA Import Route Configuration

NMEA Import Route Configuration

In this window you can configure the data reception via TCP connection. First, open a server socket. This socket must have the same address as the external software. Pipe will expect that the input format follows the MNEA RTE/WPL format to correctly display all the info.