Mission tools - References

References Tools Symbol

This tool has a wide range of capabilities, it is used to set references during the creation of a mission. Once selected, click on the map and a new window will be displayed to select the type of reference.

Mission tools - List of References

List of References

In this list is possible to select between 4 types of elements:

  • Home: select a waypoint as Home. For example, it can be used to made a multicopter return to that point using the VTol guidance.

  • UAV position: waypoint(s) can be linked to this reference and they will move relative to this reference.

  • Moving Object: it works in the same way that UAV position, but now it is possible to use any moving object. They have to be configured and associated to a Moving Object in the sniffer. You can create until 32 moving objects.

  • Desired position: it allows to define a fixed reference (it can be moved on the map, but not automatically). This reference can be used when there are a huge number of points. If users refer each point to a reference, user only has to move the reference to move all points or to perform a Phase (if it has the option) in a determined point.

How to add a reference:

  1. Select Reference on the Mission Toolbar and click on New Reference.

  2. Click on the desired position on the map and select the type of element.

  3. Double-click on a waypoint to acces its properties. Select the Relative drop-down list and then select the element of interest.

    Mission tools - Waypoint Referenced

    Waypoint Reference

  4. Finally, set the relative position of the waypoint, this can be done introducing offsets or just moving the waypoint onto the desired place. A dashed line will appear to indicate that the waypoint is linked correctly.