GNSS status

The GNSS Status widget is a visual information menu where the user can get all information from the GNSS configured in one same window. It can be chosen which GNSS is displayed:

GNSS - GNSS Status Configuration Menu

GNSS Status Configuration Menu




Define widget’s custom name.


Dropdown menu to select which Veronte will the widget gather data from.


Change widget opacity.

Pos X/Y

Define widget’s position in the screen’s X/Y axis.


Select GNSS to be displayed.

GNSS - GNSS Status Display

GNSS Status Display

The information shown in the widget is as follows:

  • GNSS 1/2. Navigation bit status (red/green).

  • Survey In. RTK conditions being accomplished if green. Grey if finished or not achieved.

  • RTK. Becomes green when SurveyIn bit goes grey (off) and RTK is enabled. Grey otherwise.

  • DGNSS. Green when Differential Positioning is enabled (GNSS Compass). Grey if not.