Map Display

Map provider

The map widget configures the background map that appears in Veronte screen. In the list shown in the following figure, it is possible to select the map provider from diverse options.

Map Display - Custom Map Example

Custom Map Example

Custom image

Custom maps can be displayed in Veronte Pipe. It allows to include as many images as desired that will be displayed over the map.

Map Display - Background Image Example

Background Image Example

To insert an image within the map click on New, Add images and then select the desired image file. Once the image has been loaded, it is possible to configure its position and appearance in the image manager.

Map Display - Background Image Positioning and Manager

Background Image Positioning and Manager




Define widget’s custom name.


Change widget opacity.


Define image’s relative position coordinates.


Define image’s absolute position coordinates (UTM, MGRS, Decimal degrees…).


Changes image’s position to the current selected UAV position.


Allows the user to click on the map and change image’s position to the position clicked

Load image

Opens a window to select and place an image on the map.

Resizable image (in map)

When selected, allows change image dimensions.

Preserve ratio

When selected, image dimensions’ ratio is conserved.