Communications menu covers the configuration for the 4G service, Comstats and Iridium, in three different menus:



The embebed esim in Veronte allows the user to send and receive telemetry using LTE technology. To connect with Veronte Cloud the following parameters have to be set:

  • Host:

  • Port: 3114

Host and Port can be changed if the cloud system differs from Embention Cloud, but the communication protocol does not change.

Veronte Configuration - ESIM Configuration for 4G

ESIM Configuration for 4G


A SIM card can be installed during the manufacturing process to Veronte. PIN number and and the APN (Access Point Name) of the SIM card provider must be defined before enabling the 4G communication.


Wrong PIN number will block the SIM card.

Veronte Configuration - SIM Configuration for 4G

SIM Configuration for 4G


In the Comstats menu, the user can configure this type of communications. There are two clickable buttons with which:

  • RX Auto. Enabling this option will use the first remote AP found and shall be only one remote. If it is not select the user can choose between Broadcast and Pipe selected.

  • TX. When enabling it, the user needs to define which platform is going to be monitored by the system, establishing its address and the period of transmission.

Veronte Configuration - Comstats Configuration Menu

Comstats Configuration Menu


Veronte can communicate with Iridium modules. This menu activates the communication and sets the configurable parameters:

  • Synchronization time

  • Destination address

Veronte Configuration - Iridium Configuration Menu

Iridium Configuration Menu