Operation Setup


  • Make sure Veronte Tracker is placed in an open area to avoid screening, reflection and interference due to terrain or landscape elements.
  • Make sure there is clearance around the antenna movement radius.
  • Lay cables away from traverse areas.


Follow the steps below in order to setup the connection of Veronte Tracker with your PC


There are three different communication interfaces that can be used for connecting with Veronte PCS:

  • Connect the available USB connector directly to one of the USB ports on the PC.
  • If your Tracker setup is Point-to-Point (TCP), connect it to your PC directly via Ethernet.
  • If your Tracker setup is Broadcast (UDP), connect it via Ethernet directly to the net access port. A router that provides an IP adress to Veronte PCS via DHCP will be needed for operation.
  • If your Veronte PCS has an enabled Wi-Fi net, you will be able to connect to it using its wireless network.
  • SSID and password can be found on the PCS case, along with the product Serial Number.

Veronte Pipe

Once the selected interface is connected, last step is to enable the connection in Veronte Pipe.

  • Open Veronte Pipe

  • On the top left corner, click on ‘Preferences’

  • On the Preferences menu, access the ‘Connections’ Tab

  • Click on ‘Add’ and then ‘Serial COM’

  • If a COM Port was detected, it will be listed here. Click on it in order to enable the connection

TCP (Point to Point)

For this setup, Veronte PCS creates a net where it holds a static IP address. The first device connected to the net will be also assigned a specific IP address.

This setup only allows to connect to one device at the same time.


If a different device wants to be connected, the system needs to be rebooted, or no device should remain connected to the net for 2 minutes. At this point, IP address will be released and can be claimed by a new device

  • TCP settings can be found on the upper left corner

  • On ‘Port’ field, type ‘3000’

  • Click on ‘Enable’ box



If connection is not setup correctly, please visit the Troubleshooting section

Broadcast (UDP)

For this setup, once connected to the net, Veronte Tracker will wait for an IP assignment from a router device via DHCP. Once the IP address is correctly assigned:

  • Click on ‘Add’ and then ‘Ethernet’

  • On the displayed dropdown list, select the net adapter that is currently being used to connect to the network.


Veronte Configuration

Veronte Tracker default configuration is already prepared for a standard operation.

In case this configuration is not correct, or it was modified and needs to be reset to factory configuration, please find the necessary steps in the Troubleshooting section

If configuration of Veronte Tracker needs to be modified, please refer to Veronte Autopilot Manual for more information

Sending UAV position over to Veronte Tracker

For the operation with Veronte Tracker, the following configuration needs to be added on the AIR UNIT Setup:

  • Click on ‘Setup’ in the Air Unit dropdown menu
COM Configuration - Preferences Toolbar
  • In the ‘Telemetry’ menu, press the ‘+’ button

    COM Configuration - Preferences Toolbar
  • Click on the created ‘Data link to Pipe’

    COM Configuration - Preferences Toolbar
  • Select ‘Veronte Tracker’ from the dropdown menu in the top right corner

    COM Configuration - Preferences Toolbar
  • In the ‘Search’ tab, write ‘UAV’ and add ‘UAV position’ to the telemetry vector

    COM Configuration - Preferences Toolbar
  • The final configuration shoul look like this:

    COM Configuration - Preferences Toolbar


The above configuration needs to be done on the UAV unit and not on the ground station.

Start operation

COM Configuration - Preferences Toolbar
  • After powering the tracker, the motors will set the antenna to a 45º position with respect to the horizontal axis. Once the PCS has been switched on, the antenna will move to 0º.
  • In Veronte Pipe, the position of the aircraft and the tracker should appear in the map once the GPS signal is stablished.
  • Press the neutral position command (0).
  • Trim the antenna by pointing North, using the arrow buttons.
  • Press the antenna button in order to start tracking.


Use the aid of a compass device in order to trim Veronte Tracker. A trimming accuracy of +-5º is enough for a correct operation with Veronte Tracker


Always check that GPS position for both air and ground segments has been stablished before sending the tracking command

Tilt activation with range

By default, a circular area is attached to the GPS position of Veronte Tracker. Tilting movement of Tracker Antenna is only activated if the target UAV is located outside this area

The radius of the circle can be changed in Veronte Pipe by right clicking on it and setting a value for the radius or simply by dragging with the mouse the circumference.

COM Configuration - Preferences Toolbar